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Through The Looking Glasses


Welcome to my post! Here I will be talking about my glasses, which, despite being so small and unassuming, hold so many memories and feelings for me. With them, my world seems clearer, brighter, and I enjoy life more. Continue reading



Sprouting in Sibol Camp

A picture of my ID in camp.

Hello! Welcome to my post. Here I will be talking about the wonderful experiences I had in the ISCF camp named Sibol! It is a summer camp that takes about usually five days, filled to the brim with exciting activities, valuable lessons, and more! Continue reading


A Walk With Luna

Me with Luna

Welcome to the my second post of the year! In this post I will be showing you a dog that we are taking care of. This dog is named Luna, and she is a Siberian Husky! We actually don’t own her. A couple of our friends owns her as their pet. Because of circumstances, they let us take care of the dog for most of the week. We act as Luna’s caretakers and trainers. Continue reading