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Meet Vincent the Frolicsome Feline


Welcome to my new post! Here I will be talking about my new pet, Vincent! Vincent is the kitten of a two-colored cat and a Siamese cat. We wanted a new pet, after Monet, our last cat, died, so we went online to look for one. We found him on a shopping website, and surprisingly no price tag was attached to him. It seemed that the original owners were not able to support him and his siblings anymore, and needed to find someone trustworthy who could take care of them. My father, while on an errand, went over to where the cat was (which was a Wesleyan church) and picked him up, after a few words with the pastor, who was the original owner. We assured him that the kitten would be in good hands. Continue reading


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Our Kitten With One Life

It's a picture of a cat.

Welcome to my post! Here I will be talking about a cat that we took in as a pet who we named Monet. Before we got her, I really wanted to have a feline pet, and when the opportunity came in the form of Monet on the streets, we took it. Finding a comfortable habitat for her, we gave her some water and milk, although she ignored both. We also noticed that she had some sort of eye infection, as greenish mucus continually dripped from her eyes. Continue reading


Gallivanting with Green Turtles

A dark picture of my pictures.

Welcome! In this post I will be showing you my two wonderful pets, Squirtle and Paging! The two of them are pond sliders, semi-aquatic turtles with distinctive red or orange lines at the sides of their scaly heads. Both of them are very large; their width barely wider than the span of my own hand. They live up to 20-30 years, sometimes even reaching 40 years of age. Continue reading

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Scuttle with Hermit Crabs

A quick snap of the hermit crab.

Hi there! Welcome to this new post! Here, I will be showing you an odd kind of pet, by the name of Hermit Crab! Hermit crabs are crustaceans, similar to marine crabs. They carry water within their shells to survive long days without water. The reason why they are called hermit crabs is because they live in shells, and when they outgrow the shell, they would leave in favor of another, larger shell that would snugly fit it. Continue reading