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My Encounter With A Theologian

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Welcome! In this post, I will be talking about a famous friend named Charles Ringma. He is a theology professor and writer, and has taught at Asian Theological Seminary. I met him a few years ago when my parents brought me to the Theological Forum of ATS held at Greenhills Christian Fellowship. At this year’s Theological Forum, he taught about “The Church’s Calling In A Troubled World.” Thanks to my parents, who were friends of him, I got the chance to personally talk to him.

IMG_1189 2

My first impression of him was that he seemed to be a very old man— old enough to be my grandfather, I’m sure— but he was full of energy and smiles. He didn’t feel like an approachable person at first, but I was pleasantly surprised that he was actually quite friendly and eager to talk.

The most memorable moment I had with him was the time when we said our goodbyes. Before we parted ways, he called me and my brother over. Whispering, he told us, “You chose your parents well.” To my mom, who was listening, this was a compliment. I was also happy to hear that, because being reminded that I had great parents made me glad. That’s all I have for this post! Goodbye!



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