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Welcome to my post. Here I will be talking about the anime I have just finished watching. Psycho-Pass is a crime fiction, set in a sci-fi dystopia where society is maintained by technology, not government. The story follows Akane Tsunemori, a new recruit at the Criminal Investigation Division of the Public Safety Bureau. This division investigates illegal activities in society. Her companions are Shinya Kogami, an Enforcer under her command, Nobuchika Ginoza, a strict fellow Inspector, and Tomomi Masaoka, a middle-aged Enforcer who was once a detective, among others. Together, they solve bloody crimes in this dystopian world.


The suspense contained in the different murder mysteries in each episode is enjoyable. Even from the beginning of the series, I loved the unique, interesting characters, and I especially enjoyed Akane Tsunemori’s character development from an idealistic rookie to a skilled Inspector. The antagonist was fascinating as well, with his well-planned actions and his confidence in carrying out his crimes.


All in all, it is an exciting and intriguing anime, and if you are a fan of detective fiction, I would recommend giving it a try. You can watch this anime at Kissanime, a website where you can watch anime for free. A word of warning, though, the tone of the show is quite dark, and there is a fair bit of gore (to be fair, it is about investigating murders). That’s all I have for this post! Please leave a like and a comment below. Goodbye!


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