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Meet Vincent the Frolicsome Feline

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Welcome to my new post! Here I will be talking about my new pet, Vincent! Vincent is the kitten of a two-colored cat and a Siamese cat. We wanted a new pet, after Monet, our last cat, died, so we went online to look for one. We found him on a shopping website, and surprisingly no price tag was attached to him. It seemed that the original owners were not able to support him and his siblings anymore, and needed to find someone trustworthy who could take care of them. My father, while on an errand, went over to where the cat was (which was a Wesleyan church) and picked him up, after a few words with the pastor, who was the original owner. We assured him that the kitten would be in good hands.


Vincent is quite a friendly cat, and likes to play with us when he isn’t busy with a toy. Despite this, he is a very mischievous kitten, and plays with anything that he can get a hold of. Since he’s still a kitten, he’s inquisitive and likes to explore the house. He seems to be a big eater, and we noticed that he was steadily becoming fatter.

We got his name from the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. We thought to name him after a painter because our last cat, Monet, was named after Claude Monet, another painter.


If you are thinking of adopting a cat (or any other pet, for that matter) too, be sure to remember a few things: Before deciding on taking one as a pet, make sure that you will have the time, money, and energy for taking care of your pet. Your house should be a safe and comfortable place for them to live, and don’t forget to give them lots of love and affection. That’s all I have for this post! Please leave a like and comment. Thank you for reading!



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