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Our Kitten With One Life

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It's a picture of a cat.

Welcome to my post! Here I will be talking about a cat that we took in as a pet who we named Monet. Before we got her, I really wanted to have a feline pet, and when the opportunity came in the form of Monet on the streets, we took it. Finding a comfortable habitat for her, we gave her some water and milk, although she ignored both. We also noticed that she had some sort of eye infection, as greenish mucus continually dripped from her eyes.


She did eat, though, and had a preference for fish. She has the ability to meow loudly, and she always reminds us of this fact. She’s an affectionate cat, brushing her head on our hands as we pet her. Some of us figured the reason she always meows when we aren’t there is because she wanted attention, as she became quiet every time we were near.

A picture of a cat.

As a few days passed we noticed that her eye infection was getting worse (even though we gave her a bath and wiped the mucus from her eyes from time to time) and that she was getting thinner, losing weight. We soon noticed that she was getting dehydrated, and that she wasn’t drinking her water. My mom tried to help Monet drink by using a syringe (without the needle, of course) but still she wasn’t getting enough water. We arrived at the conclusion that Monet may not be fully weaned yet, or that she still doesn’t know how to drink water by herself. We also prepared for the possibility of the cat dying.

Slowly, she got weaker and weaker, and by her eighth day with us, she finally succumbed to her illness, and the next time I saw her she was a cold body, dead.We wished that she could have lived longer, but we were happy to have her even for just a week. Now, my mom is looking for another cat to adopt. That’s all for this post. Please leave a like and a comment below. Thanks for reading.


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