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Observing an Oscar Fish

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A picture of a fish.

Welcome to my post! I will be talking about my pet Oscar fish named Sebastian! Oscars are from the cichlid family of fishes. Their sizes vary widely, but Sebastian, my fish, is about four inches. They are usually carnivorous and tend to be quite territorial, becoming aggressive toward any fish that enter their territory.

I got Sebastian from a large market of pets, full of so many different animals. The market was called Cartimar, which is located in Pasay City. I, the family, and some friends roamed through its stores, looking at all the lovely pets everywhere. I fancied most of these cute animals, but I finally decided on buying a little Oscar, which by now you would know is named Sebastian.

A photo of a fish.

He swims almost sideways, which was strange for us when we first saw him moving around his aquarium that way. At first, we thought that his fins were unbalanced (like the titular character from Finding Nemo!) but a friend told us that cichlids like him actually preferred to swim that way, so that they would blend in with their surroundings easily. We fed him with regular fish food, watched him grow, and gave him friends. Despite being slightly territorial, he didn’t mind any of these other creatures much. He’s a very sturdy pet. He’s never gotten sick (as far as I know) and he’s very lively. Sebastian is not a picky eater. He usually eats regular fish food, but he prefers live food such as little inexpensive feeder fish.

If you are planning on getting an Oscar as a pet, always remember to feed them regularly and clean their habitat from time to time. When replacing the water, be sure to do it slowly, so the fish might get time to adjust to the new water. Thank you for reading this post! Please leave a like and a comment below. Goodbye!


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