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Through The Looking Glasses

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Welcome to my post! Here I will be talking about my glasses, which, despite being so small and unassuming, hold so many memories and feelings for me. With them, my world seems clearer, brighter, and I enjoy life more.

It all started when I was two years old. My parents noticed that I seemed to have a little problem with my eyes. Bringing me to the hospital, a lot of tests were done on me to find out the problem. Finally, they concluded that it was a lagging muscle that should be helping in the control of my eye. This problem could be fixed by surgery. My parents agreed, and then the operation was carried out after a few days.

After the surgery, I was more or less blind, as I had to let my eyes heal. I needed my parents to lead me past potential obstacles. I was even visited by relatives while I was recuperating. But once my eyes were healed, My parents bought a pair of glasses for me. With those, I saw the world in a new light. This was the start of my days wearing spectacles.


From time to time, we had to bring me to the hospital for a routine checkup. I had eyedrops that stung a little (read: a lot) and got my eyes checked by a computer-like device. After that, we buy a new pair of glasses, which is why I have a large number of specs.


I thank God for providing for me these tools for clearer sight. Without these, reading and writing would be difficult, recognising other people would be harder, and I wouldn’t be able to appreciate beautiful views. That’s all I have for this post. Please leave a like and comment below, and goodbye!


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