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Our Kitten With One Life

It's a picture of a cat.

Welcome to my post! Here I will be talking about a cat that we took in as a pet who we named Monet. Before we got her, I really wanted to have a feline pet, and when the opportunity came in the form of Monet on the streets, we took it. Finding a comfortable habitat for her, we gave her some water and milk, although she ignored both. We also noticed that she had some sort of eye infection, as greenish mucus continually dripped from her eyes. Continue reading


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Observing an Oscar Fish

A picture of a fish.

Welcome to my post! I will be talking about my pet Oscar fish named Sebastian! Oscars are from the cichlid family of fishes. Their sizes vary widely, but Sebastian, my fish, is about four inches. They are usually carnivorous and tend to be quite territorial, becoming aggressive toward any fish that enter their territory. Continue reading