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Marching Up and Down a Mountain

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A picture of a group.

Welcome to this post! Here I will be showing you my adventures on Mount Pulag! It is Luzon’s highest mountain, and it is also the third highest mountain in the Philippines. It is known for the beautiful view of clouds at the top. This excursion had occurred a few years ago, so this isn’t a narration of a recent event.

A picture of me with my brother.

We had a thirst for adventure, and as a result we decided on hiking up this mountain. Our bags packed with essentials, we began the trip towards Mount Pulag, which was situated in Benguet. My family and I, along with some friends, rode a jeepney from Baguio City through winding, rocky roads towards our destination. Because of the rain, mud was a nuisance, and thus our travel time was extended. Finally arriving at the foot of the mountain, we had a hearty meal before we began the long climb up. Wading through thick mud and drenched in rain, we struggled up the mountain. We didn’t expect the rain to arrive on the day we climbed because of a mistaken weather forecast.

After some long, hard hiking, we came upon a clear spring, with fresh water that tasted almost sweet. This was something we sorely needed, and as a result we decided to rest there for a while. After the break, we continued climbing once more. Finally, we arrived at an area where we could get a respite from all that hard mountain-climbing. It was a place where we could make coffee and hot cocoa. Since the day was ending, and night was beginning to take its place, we needed a place to sleep. Our helpful guides led us to enough tents for the whole group. Sleeping in a tent while heavy rain and strong winds were outside was a thrilling experience!


A photo of muddy shoes,

Because it was raining night and we didn’t get much sleep, we were not able to go to the summit. Instead, we began our journey back after breakfast. The hike down seemed a lot easier than the struggle towards the peak, and our spirits were high as we walked. Even though the mud and the rain was still there, it didn’t stop us from being happy as we arrived back at the foot of the mountain. Finally, our adventures was finished!

If you’re planning to visit Mount Pulag sometime, here’s a few things to know: You need to be prepared. Be ready not just for the cold but also for the rain. Always remember to pack enough food and water for the trip, and an experienced guide is required so that none of you will get lost while on the mountain. That’s all for this post. Please leave a like and a comment below. See you in my next post!


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