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Gallivanting with Green Turtles


A dark picture of my pictures.

Welcome! In this post I will be showing you my two wonderful pets, Squirtle and Paging! The two of them are pond sliders, semi-aquatic turtles with distinctive red or orange lines at the sides of their scaly heads. Both of them are very large; their width barely wider than the span of my own hand. They live up to 20-30 years, sometimes even reaching 40 years of age.

Another dark picture of turtles.

Squirtle is my first pet turtle. He was my birthday gift, and when I first got him he was very small, slightly smaller than a teacup! The whole family joined me in thinking of a good name for the turtle, and finally we decided to use the name Squirtle! If you didn’t know, Squirtle is the name of a famous turtle-like creature from the popular series of Pokemon. Squirtle had been with me for quite a long time;  he is, at the time of writing, the oldest pet of the family.

Paging, my second turtle, was also a gift; this time, from our pastor, who was also a fan of keeping myriad types of pets. When he was given to me, the turtle was already quite large, and I imagine that he is quite old. His name, Paging, is a portmanteau of the words ‘pogi’ meaning ‘handsome’ and ‘pagong’ meaning ‘turtle’. The two of them are wonderful pets. They love to eat different kinds of food, from tomatoes and the stalks of leafy vegetables, to several types of fish, dead or alive.

All in all, turtles such as the two under my care are great pets. If you are considering to buy one, never forget that any pet requires copious amounts of love and care. Something else to remember: If you ever handle them, always remember to wash your hands afterwards, as they could have bacteria on their shells that might be harmful to people.  Respond to this post using the comments section, and if you really liked it, please leave a like down below. That’s all for this post, and goodbye!


2 thoughts on “Gallivanting with Green Turtles

  1. Love your turtles! Can you show pictures of their house? Do you keep them indoors or outdoor?


    • Thank you. Their house isn’t actually quite much to look at, just a simple basin with water (the water is regularly changed so that they get to swim in clean water). They are kept outdoors, with the sun to greet them each day.

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