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Saunter With Hamsters

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A picture of two hamsters.

Welcome to my post! Here I will be showing you my pet hamsters! They are Syrian hamsters, otherwise known as ‘teddy bear’ hamsters. They are usually passive, and don’t react aggressively to human touch.

A picture of two hamsters in a plastic container.

We first received them as a gift from one of my parent’s friends, a male and a female. We took care of them, always remembering to leave rodent food and water for them. They had babies, and the infant hamsters grew. We had quite a few generations of hamsters, that came and died. These two hamsters are the only ones left, and they don’t seem to be producing babies. It is possible that both of them are female.

We usually play with them, taking them out of their cage and letting them run around on a table or something similar. Most of the time, they don’t bite us when we pick them up, but sometimes there were wilful hamsters who preferred to nip at our fingers when we try to pet them. For some reason, they enjoy climbing around the bars of their spacious cage, occasionally gnawing at the metal as a futile attempt to escape.

I enjoy caring for such cute pets, and I am always saddened when one of them dies. If you are planning on having one of this wonderful creatures as pets, please don’t forget to give them quality care and time. They need lots of love too, not just food, water, and shelter. That’s all for this post. Please leave your feedback at the comment section below, and leave a like if you enjoyed reading this. Goodbye!


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