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Sprouting in Sibol Camp


A picture of my ID in camp.

Hello! Welcome to my post. Here I will be talking about the wonderful experiences I had in the ISCF camp named Sibol! It is a summer camp that takes about usually five days, filled to the brim with exciting activities, valuable lessons, and more!

I will start off with the stuff I’ve enjoyed. I had fun with activities such as recreation, work period , and doing activities with new friends. Sleeping in a cabin was quite new to me, but I quickly got used to it, despite the occasional mischief of my fellow cabinmates.

A picture of me with friends.

Much have been taught to me, such as giving credit to God after accomplishing something. I have also learned to appreciate my family more. Another lesson was to focus less on the things of this world, and more on the Lord.

I made a lot of new friends, but the best relationship that have developed is the one with God. That’s all for this post. Please leave a like and comment below. Goodbye!



2 thoughts on “Sprouting in Sibol Camp

  1. Praise God Jahd 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Charlie's Joyful Adventures Now And Ever and commented:
    Here’s one of the encouraging testimonies we had last Sibol Camp 2016. More to come! ^_^


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