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Wonderful Celerity of the Chess Kingdom

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A picture of a wooden chess set.

Hello! In this post I will be telling you about my experiences with chess! I’ve recently restarted the hobby of playing this classic board game. I may not be the best yet, but I certainly enjoy playing it with an opponent!

A picture of me standing next to a large chess set.

I’ve played chess using the normal wooden pieces. We also have a pretty chess set made of colored glass. I have also played chess on the computer, with the Apple Macbook’s chess program with nifty graphics. I have also tried a huge chess set. The pieces were quite heavy to lift, but they were fun to play with!

To be honest, I still have much room for improvement. Because of that, my father constantly drills me to better my strategies and help me with my planning. I have beaten him quite a few times, yet it still looks like I have a long way to go.


I have discovered quite a few variations of chess. There is one called shooting chess, where each time a piece attacks another, it doesn’t move to that space. Another variation involves turning the board to a 45° angle, with piece movement altered to fit the new positioning of the board. That’s all I have for this post! Please leave a comment and like below. Stay tuned for the next post! Goodbye!


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