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Going Back To Sweet Memories

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Hello there, welcome to my post. Here I will be sharing with you the various birthday cakes I’ve had through the years! The reason that my birthday cakes are special and memorable is because my mom baked each and every one of them. I’ll be focusing on a few favorite designs, as I have had quite a lot of different cakes.


A picture of a chocolate cake shaped like a rabbit,

For my 11th birthday, my mom baked this beautiful cake. It was expertly shaped like a 3D rabbit, with tasty brown frosting and vanilla cake base. The reason why the cake was a rabbit was at that time I was a big fan of Watership Down, an interesting book about rabbits.

A photo of a birthday cake, along with presents.

At my 12th birthday,this simple cake was baked for me. On top of it was the symbol of the Tyranids, an alien race in the world of Warhammer 40,000. Inside, it had a vanilla cake base with chocolate chips. As a little addition, the cake had cupcake counterparts that tasted just as good.

A picture of a cake shaped like a computer.

This cake was the one baked for me at my 13th birthday. Since I enjoy coding at computers, I had a cake that was a computer. It had a keyboard, a screen, and even a mousepad! I remember that it tasted lovely and I enjoyed every bite.

I’m happy to have special cakes baked for me at every birthday. I’m always excited  That’s all I have to show you for this post! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please leave a like and comment below. Goodbye!


One thought on “Going Back To Sweet Memories

  1. I love Ninang Dot’s creations!


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