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Sandcastle at Potipot

Hello again! Welcome to my new post! I will be showing you my adventures in Zambales, Philippines!

Zambales is a pretty place, being near to several beaches and other tourist spots. From Quezon City, we traveled on bus. Once we arrived, we quenched our thirst with lemonade at a neat shop . After that, we met with our friends and the adventure officially started!

To get to our destination, we had to ride a jeepney. Once we arrived, we rode a boat towards the first island, named Camara. Camara is a small island, and gigantic rocks were scattered around its coast. At places, we had to crawl through gaps between the huge rocks. Once we explored the beach and took some pictures, we got back on the boat and drifted through the waves towards the second island, called Capones. It was larger than the first island we went to, and the beach was unmarred by huge rocks. Everyone (including me) went for a swim. Our swim didn’t last long, as our guide told us it was time to go. We rode again, arriving on the cove named Anawangin. There, we ate a picnic lunch. After some rest, we went to swim on Anawangin’s beach, this time spending more time in the water.

Sandcastle Photo!

Returning to the mainland, we planned to set up camp in another island, yet the seamen told us the strong winds and powerful waves were too dangerous for small craft, so we had to spend the night at our friend’s home. We woke up early, and quickly made our way to boats. Fortunately the seamen now deemed the tides safe, and we rode the boats to another island. This island is named Potipot. We ate our breakfast on a wooden picnic table overlooking the beach itself. After the meal, we had a small church service, courtesy of my father. After that, we made our way to the water, which was surprisingly cool, despite the heat of the morning sun.Some of us (including me) used our artistic skills to create magnificent sandcastles. When we finished, we cleaned up, packed our bags, and returned to the mainland. Our adventure came to an end as we went our separate ways. Me and my family returned home, tired after such an adventure.

That’s all I have to share to you for now. Thanks for taking a bit of your time to read this! Please leave a like and comment below.  See you in my next blog post!


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