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Flight Into Star Wars

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A picture of a Star Wars posted. Credits to http://www.hilyts.com/.

Hello again! Welcome to this post! I will be reviewing the famous series of movies named Star Wars! Star Wars is widely-known series by George Lucas, and there are much interesting stuff about it, such as movies, books, and games.

The reason why I am such a big fan of the series is that the Star Wars universe is so vast, and there is much to be enjoyed about it. I’ve watched all of the movies, including the latest movie, The Force Awakens. All of them were exciting and fun to watch. Even if my memory of the older movies is a bit rusty, I still remember the joy of watching each and every movie in the series.

Photo of several books, snapped with an iPad.

A picture of me playing Star Wars: Battle Pod.

Watching the movies isn’t the only thing I have done concerning the Star Wars franchise. I have read a bit of Star Wars books and comics, and they were interesting and told me more about the Star Wars universe. I have even played the arcade game Star Wars: Battle Pod, which was a fun experience, each playthrough intense and exciting.

If you aren’t already a fan of Star Wars, you should go and give it a chance! Watch a movie or read a few books, and I can say that you will enjoy it. That’s it for this post. Please leave a like and a comment below. Thanks for reading!

top picture: http://www.hilyts.com/.


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