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Stride into the World of Shannara

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Crude picture of the books.

Hello again! Welcome to my newest post! I will be reviewing this great series named The Sword of Shannara Trilogy! It is the beginning of a large group of books by Terry Brooks. The series consists of The Sword of Shannara, The Elfstones of Shannaraand The Wishsong of Shannara.

Each book’s plotline is usually a struggle between distinct sides of good and evil. A reluctant hero (usually with the surname of Ohmsford) is chosen as the one that would save the world. Filled with action, suspense, and adventure, the hero struggles through several obstacles and hardships that would make other people turn away and quit. Eventually, at the end of the book, the hero accomplishes his goal at a price, and then the world is saved!

I enjoy the books because even if the plot might be similar in each book, each of them is very interesting to read and has lots of surprises.Every page is filled with exciting descriptions of action, beautiful depictions of the environment, and I couldn’t put the book down, so enrapt was I in reading. If you’re a fan of Tolkien’s works or simply craving for high fantasy, this series is for you! Start off with Sword of Shannara, and I’m sure you won’t regret it. That’s all for this post, please leave a like and a comment below. Thank you for reading!


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