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Hello again! Welcome to my post for the week. I will be showing you a great game from the famous Pokemon series! The game’s name is Pokemon Y, a part of the series of games by Nintendo. But first, let me tell you about Pokemon itself. 

How I knew about Pokemon? Well, it was a long time ago. My father introduced me and my brother to the card game. We collected the cards and played against each other with them. Because of the cards, I began to love Pokemon. I also watched several Pokemon movies, along with the original Pokemon anime. As my brother liked Pokemon very much, he bought a 2DS, giving me the chance to try Pokemon out. Playing it is a fun addition to the Pokemon stuff that I’ve enjoyed.


The gameplay is similar to most RPG games, with top down view (also known as “bird’s eye view”), free roaming around the game’s world, and a story to follow. The battle system is turn-based, allowing you to command your Pokemon to attack the opposing Pokemon, then the enemy strikes back with their own attack, and so on. The game itself is mostly lighthearted, with an easy-to-follow story. All in all, it is a fun game to play, and you should try it too!


To play the game, though, you’d need a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS. You could use an emulator (a program that lets you play console games on the computer or tablet). Console or emulator, playing Pokemon Y is a great experience! Please leave your comments in the comment section below, and leave a like. Thank you for reading this!


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