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A Walk With Luna


Me with Luna

Welcome to the my second post of the year! In this post I will be showing you a dog that we are taking care of. This dog is named Luna, and she is a Siberian Husky! We actually don’t own her. A couple of our friends owns her as their pet. Because of circumstances, they let us take care of the dog for most of the week. We act as Luna’s caretakers and trainers.

Luna pic

Let me take a moment to describe Luna. She is an eight-month old Siberian Husky, not at her largest size yet. She has light-blue eyes, not very thick fur, and a fleur-de-lys emblazoned on her forehead. She is very energetic, likes long runs around the garage, and enjoys long naps during the hot afternoons. For some reason, she has a fondness for apples, so we usually add them diced to her dog food as a treat.

Cute picture of Luna

She is beginning to learn to listen to our words, but she is still a puppy, which means that she gets a bit mischievous most of the time. We have to discipline her from time to time, but usually she is a good dog and follows our commands. With treats in the form of apples, we are beginning to teach her some tricks.

If you are thinking of getting a Husky for your own pet, then you should know a few things. Huskies are energetic dogs, and you should be able to give them exercise each day to burn out that energy. That way, they can stay inside a house without much worry of them damaging anything. Keep them under constant supervision, though! Nevertheless, Huskies are great pets to have, and you should probably consider getting one, provided that you have the time, space, and money for them. Please leave a like and a comment below. Thanks for taking the time to read all this!


2 thoughts on “A Walk With Luna

  1. I want a husky….😍


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