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Tacloban Trip

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Welcome back! In this post I will be sharing to you my journey to Tacloban. Tacloban City is the capital of Leyte, Philippines. We went there because my parents have been requested to minister to the youth of UCCP Tacloban.


Typhoon Yolanda, a super typhoon also known as Haiyan, had damaged most of Tacloban, but many of the survivors are recovering, if not already recovered. I am glad to have heard their stories. I’m also glad that they are full of hope.


We went to a camp, helping the young people who attended the camp know Jesus Christ better. I became an Assistant Counselor to the campers. I made several friends there. I had participated in the camp activities, taught the campers some origami, and served them as a Kuya. I also played the guitar for them, and they enjoyed my kendama.


One of the places to visit there is the monument dedicated to General MacArthur in his fulfilment of his famous saying, ”I shall return.” If you want to honor the Yolanda victims the places to go to are the mass graves. You can visit one of the seven large cargo ships (one was already salvaged) which have been pushed ashore, destroying several houses. We have only seen one of those ships.

That is all I have for this post! Please like and comment below. Goodbye!


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