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In this post I will be telling you my experiences in coding. Firstly, a friend of my dad showed us Scratch, and as I started a few projects using it, I became interested in the world of coding. As I advanced my knowledge in using Scratch, I made a few games, and shared it on the website.


Since Scratch is just a simple block-based language (and a versatile one at that), we discovered Codecademy. I first tried the starter projects, and learned a lot. We, then, decided to start learning Python using the provided tutorial on the Codecademy website.


As I was into programming and such, we decided to buy a Raspberry Pi. When we got our hands on it (plus the needed keyboard and mouse), I started exploring it, testing its capabilities and learning how to maximise its uses.

If you want to see some sample projects that I made on Scratch, here’s a couple of links.

Bubble Defender: A game I made that uses velocity and cloning.

Dreadnought: The first FPS I made.

That’s it for this post. If you liked what you read please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!



One thought on “My Coding Adventures

  1. Codecadamy was a real help for me too. I’ve started with python and went on to HTML. Shortly after I did take a course in C++ at university. So you could say Codecadamy opened my view to coding!


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