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Watership Down Book Review

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Welcome to my fourth post! I apologise for the lateness. In this post I will be reviewing a great book called Watership Down! It is about a group of adventurous rabbits who are exiled from their ill-fated home and journey to find a new and better home.

Somewhere in England, a band of rabbits are exiled from the home they’ve known all their lives, and embark on an adventure, encountering hungry predators and other rabbits, to find a new, and better home.

It is wonderfully written, switching from action and suspense. It urges the reader to want to learn more about these brave rabbits by turning to the next page. The author’s style of describing places is very accurate, giving the reader a vivid image of a dark and evil forest, or the view of a grassy field brimming with daisies and dandelions.

I recommend this to those who enjoy adventures, thrillers, and maybe a bit of peace and quiet. Almost anyone that could read English can read this book, and enjoy it.

Later on, I found Watership Down’s sequel, Tales from Watership Down. I was glad to find the sequel to Watership Down, and also was happy to find that it was just as exciting as the last one.

That’s all that I have for this post! If you liked the post please leave a comment below. Goodbye!



One thought on “Watership Down Book Review

  1. Wow! I will make sure to remember this for Risen! 🙂


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