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World of Tanks: Rush Review

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      Welcome to my third post! In this post I will be showing you a thrilling card game called World of Tanks: Rush. It is a deck building game that uses cards as tanks and other kinds of armour to fight your enemy as you build your growing squad of tanks. The goal of the game is to get the most medals at the end of the game. There are three ways to win medals: Destroying enemy tanks gives you one medal, destroying an enemy base gives you three medals, and winning an achievement at the end of the game gives you a whopping five medals!



      There are several types of tanks you can use to destroy other enemy tanks, storm bases, or defending your own. Each tank also has symbols indicating that they belong to other countries, such as the USA, the French, the USSR, and Germany. Since you can’t mount an assault using tanks of different countries (in this game), you’ll have to plan your purchases wisely.


      As this is a deck building game, you’ll use your first turns to purchase tanks, which go into your own discard pile, which is shuffled into your deck when you can’t draw enough cards for your hand. When you have enough tanks, you can use them to attack enemy tanks and storm their bases (defense isn’t rewarded because the creators of the game reward confident and aggressive players). As you get more tanks and infantry, you can buy stronger, and heavier tanks.

      My experience of the game was pretty fun when I played against my father. When we introduced the game to my older brother, therefore making it three players, we had an exciting fight. We noticed that even though three players would make the game a bit longer, it gave us much more options, such as  choosing who to ally with, and determining who is the greater threat. All in all, we enjoyed the gameplay and we wanted to play it more.


      The game is quite easy to learn, and a full game can be finished in just around 30 minutes! I recommend this game for people who like exciting, strategic card games, but don’t have that much free time. Players of the online game would also love this card game, since they will recognise the tanks and they’ll get to rest their eyes from looking at the screen for a long time. If you liked reading this post please leave some comments below. Thanks for reading, and goodbye!


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