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My Minecraft Town




Welcome to my second post. I will be showing you a small town that I made in Minecraft! Minecraft is a first-person sandbox game that uses blocks similar to Lego to build structures or buildings. The game was originally for PC, but now it is also available on handheld devices. In this post I will show you my creation using Minecraft Pocket Edition (because I used my Android tablet).



Firstly, I’ll show you the part of my town where all the houses are. Each house is unique, from a tiny studio-type home, to a mini-skyscraper that contains several apartments. Each house is completely functional and contains furnaces, beds, and closets!



This is the commercial area. I placed an inn, a school, a restaurant, a theatre, and more! Each building serves its purpose, such as serving food in the restaurant, and rentable rooms in the inn, and more!





I also made a small church that has a small cemetery. Sadly, there was no coloured glass to make it prettier. I also added a cross on the roof, to show that it is actually a church. Inside the sanctuary, there are several pews and a pulpit for the pastor.





Here is the largest structure of my town. It is the mansion for the richer people in the town and boasts of a small ballroom, a medium-sized kitchen, and several large bedrooms. There is a large fountain outside with several flowers and grass surrounding it. Beside it is a small stable, for horses (that sadly don’t exist in the Pocket Edition) and a backdoor that leads to the kitchen.



For the town’s hygiene, I added two public bathhouses, for male and for female respectively. Each bathhouse contains showers, small toilets, and a bathtub.




I added a small (nonfunctional) gate leading to a dark swamp. An outpost watches the gate, in case uninvited creatures try to enter the town. If enemy creatures, such as zombies and skeleton archers, wish to attack the town, a stout soldier named Steve can stop them with his trusty diamond sword.

That’s all for this post! If you enjoyed the post please leave your feedback at the comment box below. Thank you for reading this week’s post!


2 thoughts on “My Minecraft Town

  1. That’s a really cool town. It’s a shame that stained glass and horses have not made it into PE yet though, as they are in the PS3 version.


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