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My Encounter With A Theologian


Welcome! In this post, I will be talking about a famous friend named Charles Ringma. He is a theology professor and writer, and has taught at Asian Theological Seminary. I met him a few years ago when my parents brought me to the Theological Forum of ATS held at Greenhills Christian Fellowship. At this year’s Theological Forum, he taught about “The Church’s Calling In A Troubled World.” Thanks to my parents, who were friends of him, I got the chance to personally talk to him. Continue reading


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Investigating Psycho-Pass


Welcome to my post. Here I will be talking about the anime I have just finished watching. Psycho-Pass is a crime fiction, set in a sci-fi dystopia where society is maintained by technology, not government. Continue reading

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Invitation to Agartha


Welcome to my post! Here, I’ll be talking about Makoto Shinkai’s work, Children Who Chase Lost Voices. It is an animated movie filled with adventure, drama, and a bit of action and a bit of romance. It is about a girl who, after an interaction with a mysterious fellow, finds herself in a strange world named Agartha. Continue reading

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Surviving WWI in Battlefield 1


Welcome to my post. Here I will be talking about the recent game I played named Battlefield 1. It is a first-person shooter developed by DICE, set in the dark and gritty time of World War 1. The game can be played on the Xbox One, PC, and the Playstation 4, which was where I played it on.  Continue reading

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Meet Vincent the Frolicsome Feline


Welcome to my new post! Here I will be talking about my new pet, Vincent! Vincent is the kitten of a two-colored cat and a Siamese cat. We wanted a new pet, after Monet, our last cat, died, so we went online to look for one. We found him on a shopping website, and surprisingly no price tag was attached to him. It seemed that the original owners were not able to support him and his siblings anymore, and needed to find someone trustworthy who could take care of them. My father, while on an errand, went over to where the cat was (which was a Wesleyan church) and picked him up, after a few words with the pastor, who was the original owner. We assured him that the kitten would be in good hands. Continue reading

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Our Kitten With One Life

It's a picture of a cat.

Welcome to my post! Here I will be talking about a cat that we took in as a pet who we named Monet. Before we got her, I really wanted to have a feline pet, and when the opportunity came in the form of Monet on the streets, we took it. Finding a comfortable habitat for her, we gave her some water and milk, although she ignored both. We also noticed that she had some sort of eye infection, as greenish mucus continually dripped from her eyes. Continue reading